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Any solid relationship is built on open communication, which only makes the two of you stronger and makes you less likely to get hurt. The right person will do what they can to try to eliminate the stress from your mind. Doing so only allows you to enjoy your time with them more. As an HSP, your energy can be compromised by stress, so it is your responsibility to protect your energy so you have it for where it counts.

Sensory Processing Sensitivity (HSP) Research

Make sure you share the activities that trigger your stress with your potential prospect. Only you know what will make you happy.

Be strong in your resolve to be with someone who not only makes you happy but also strives to make you, and themselves, better people. Sadly, not every person understands the HSP mindset. For those who refuse to acknowledge that you are wired differently, there is a greater potential for heartache and abuse, as it cuts deeper for the HSP. Do what you can to get out of the situation and cut your losses. Your well-being and happiness are not worth the pain and long-term side-effects. I want to read about it. I want to read about how a HS woman manages the cesspool.

11 Dating Tips for the Highly Sensitive Person

Maybe the first step in making online dating fun is not to think of it as a cesspool. Online dating is about being in your head — analyzing and choosing using your intellect, navigating the cesspool not with your body but with your brain. It encourages you to have expectations, to be dismissive, obsessed, biased and to over think. All of this in addition to creating a lot of hurt feelings. Love, the way I want to experience it, and online dating are incompatible. But I could be wrong.

I want to know if someone who feels the way I feel can find love online and how they did it.

Sites for Highly Sensitive People

I want to find love the way Pat Benatar did: She writes 5 things posts weekly and I was inspired by her to write my first 5 things post. She writes very personal, raw posts about her life. This is going to be a long one.

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Take a look at the look on her face in this picture. In almost every picture of her. If it's not me struggling it's the boyfriend who struggles with my sensitivities.

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I often feel I'm not understood and feel they lack empathy or concern; they think I'm too intense and expect something they don't have or even understand as they don't know the intensity we experience and desire back. I gave up and married a man who made me laugh, and tried to help me forget my sensitivities, but instead I started feeling worse, and we parted ways for reasons on both sides.

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I've since met a man who we have had an on and off relationship for 8 months now There are some things that annoy me about him typical for me, my sensitivities are to all sorts of things but I feel respected for the first time by someone, and unquestioned. The other night after time apart I called him at He helps me sort my feelings by validating them and suggesting the things he thinks are important to worry about and the ones I could probably put on the back burner and let time tell. He doesn't make me laugh as often as other men I used to seek out humor , and he has a lot of self growth he's working on currently.

But honestly the day I laid eyes on him I knew he'd be more I trust him above anyone else in the world, and we have places to work on together, but we are generally calm and content, and we are creative and work on projects together. He named the place I worked, hair color, and came in daily to talk to me I vaguely remember some conversations. But either way, we wound up in each others paths and mutually like being together. I think as HSP's we need to compromise.

12 Secrets About Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

There will be no perfect person But he's not violent, he's sensitive and concerned about people pleasing and being the best he can. He's not as avid about health as I am He walks heavy footed which bugged me at first noise sensitivity but now it's what makes me feel safe when I hear his footsteps in my home.

So it takes some compromise with your sensitivities in my opinion. Decide what part of someone will always bug you but you can live with, and if you can't live with their worst flaw than they are not the one.

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But if time passes and their flaws turn into what makes you realize your life is complete with them around, and they make you feel respected and safe all the time important to us HSP's then they are the one. They may not share all your hobbies, but they encourage you to do yours, they may not be as in tune as us, but they listen to you and trust your feelings, than they are the one. I don't find that frequently.

source If I lose this guy, I know it will take some time before finding someone like him, he's a rarity.

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