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Bed-hopping is, after all, pretty much free, save the odd drink to sweeten a lover or the fee for joining a website for would-be cheaters. David Rees is founder and director of marriedandlooking. Linda Kelsey's diary of going grey Botox therapy: Beauty jab erased my ex by taking the frownlines off my face Rowan Pelling's sex advice column: He launched his website in and it operates like other dating sites with members posting profiles for others to see. There are lots of company directors and highflyers on there and men outnumber women by three to one. But frequently those stresses are exacerbated at home where they argue with their spouse over finances or the school fees.

On average most people are members for six months and will have around two encounters during that time. These aren't serial philanderers, they just want a quick outlet without risking their marriage or getting involved. There are many websites catering for those who want to have an extra-marital affair. And while Rees admits that his website is 'contentious', he seems able to ignore the possible wider implications of infidelity - shattered families and untold heartache. Howard James is marketing director of one of the newest sex-driven matchmaking websites, forgetdinner.

The recession has had a massive impact. So many people are worrying about job security or finding a job and sex is a great way to relieve that stress. With the internet making it so easy for people to cheat on their partners, small wonder that software developer Andy Felton is cashing in on infidelity.

Be your own super-sleuth: Programs like You-Spy enable you to personally find out whether your partner's cheating. That's where YourSpy comes in as it lets you see exactly what they've been emailing and to whom.


If they're communicating with a lover over the internet then it will record all the evidence you need that an affair is either taking place or in the offing. Internal communications manager Claire Thurman, 35, from Bishop's Stortford, in Hertfordshire, is divorcing her husband Nathan, 39, after discovering he was having an affair when he was made redundant from a City bank last autumn. He became very defensive which made me question him further.

So I hired a detective to follow him on one of these lunches in November. That's when I discovered that the "group of former colleagues" was just one colleague called Charlotte, and the venue was her bedroom.

He told me I could never have understood how it felt to lose his job in the same way that Charlotte had, which broke my heart. Despite all this extra-marital activity, surprisingly there's a decrease in the number of people filing for divorce. At which point the divorce lawyers will join the merry band already cashing in on the highly lucrative business that is Infidelity Inc. Saturday, Jan 19th 5-Day Forecast. The boom in websites offering illicit encounters for out-of-work high-fliers and how their partners cope By Sadie Nicholas for MailOnline Updated: Becoming more common in the recession.

Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: The boom in websites offering illicit encounters for out-of-work high-fliers. British gypsy family who caused havoc across New Zealand Nancy Pelosi accuses Trump of putting Members of Congress Should Prince Philip still be driving at 97?

Child killer, 54, 'joked about baby boy he murdered while Tokyo shaken by 5. Pastor is ousted from his California parish after posting Woman is 'refused a termination by Irish hospital' just Trump spreads claim from anonymous 'border rancher' who Tiny space in Audi footwell where crying boy, Sony parts ways with R Kelly after former I would not recommend it for the following reasons:.

The cost is extortionate to men but free to women. Like any received for free its not valued and women treat it with a very cavaliar attitude whereas men take it very seriously. The number of females who are actually active outside London is pitifully small…. Almost all messages sent do not receive a reply and you almost never receive an unsolicited message yourself.

I believe a lot of women do not exist. Very few people answer you and to me it was a waste of money and time. I got loads of unsolicited messages. Now my memberships expired even more so. About 5 to 10 a week. I joined IE on oct 1. I have had an appalling level of scammers, clearly this site is not checked. Size 30 from the waist down would have been nearer the mark!

Creating Your Profile

I gave her lunch , hidden in a obscure part of the pub, and legged it. I waited looking forward to a F cup bust on a size 16…. So gentlemen, take my advice: You have been warned….. I checked out how many ladies age are active in Cambridgeshire — only 4 logged in within last 5 days! I also expanded search for — and just 7 members logged in within last 4 days. Of the remaining ones half of them are just on the site messing men about with no intention of ever going on a date. So that brings it down to only 1 or 2 of the 7 who are genuine.

Then you probably have to compete with 40 other blokes in the region who are chasing them.

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I spoke to many genuine women by email, text and phone and dated 5 women. Yes IE is a feminist free for all where women join free then sit on the site mucking men about but there are a few genuine ones around. Finding them is the tricky bit! Of the 5 ladies I dated 3 were single date non starters for whatever reason. One other I have slept with twice and have ongoing liaisons with. I am also chatting to another, we have dated but my god she is hard work. I am also talking to another who has promised me a date but getting her to commit is proving a task and a half.

This is mainly due to the dodgy blokes she met when she first joined who wanted her to jump in bed on the first date and destroyed her confidence. So yes finding Mrs Right on IE is never going to be easy. You will have a lot of frustration and hardly any instant success unless you are very lucky. Perseverance is the key and do not let the women grind you down. I think a lot of ladies on IE have found their hubby cheating and go on there to mess blokes about just to get back at other men who are doing it..

All of the womens profiles are unbelievably similar — written in exactly the same style and clearly from educated people. I never joined, but have read lots of profiles and believe strongly that they have been written by one person. This is a simple scam designed to remove money from your wallet. Very few contacts, even less responses, as a test i contacted every person online, out of couple of hundred online that i pinged, five checked out my profile, hmmm?

Illicit Encounters Reviewed – The Top Affairs Website

Happily, after messing with my profile several times my request to have my profile deleted was approved, haha. I joined free as a woman under a fake name with a glammy Spanish profile and was absolutely inundated with replies within minutes. With such cheesy letters from women praising the site for all the dates they have had. I used IE for a month. I met two women off there though in all honesty I could have picked up better in a wetherspoon. Women are great at flattering photos. Yes there are fake profiles.

Women from outside your area sending vks is a tell tale sign. I did however speak to many genuine women. Problem is though they had incredibly high expectations. Not just how you look, but wanting weekends away etc. I work shifts so was ideally looking for daytime meets. Most want evening hook ups which for me significantly increases the chance of getting caught out.

The site is ridiculously expensive. I may go back at some stage when my situation allows more flexibility with my availability, which was a deal.

The Top 10 Free Online Dating Sites For 2015 - Best Free Dating Websites List

The cost is high so that genuine decent men looking for a genuine relationship can do so in the knowledge they are not competing with a multitude of scumbags to get a ladies attention. If they do commit they then vanish without a trace!

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best illicit dating site Best illicit dating site
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