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27 secret confessions from policemen and women

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In all honesty, the police officer who performed a background check on you after agreeing to a date probably only did so because he or she was curious and could. They take their work home with them The hardest part about being a police officer is not being able to sleep at night after seeing something unpleasant or heartbreaking. Finding bodies, bringing children to hospitals, and breaking up domestic disputes follow cops home with them at the end of the day. Sometimes, these traumatic memories carry over into other cases and it can be difficult to separate the bad from the good.

Comradery is a favorable trait when you work in law enforcement but so is honesty. All police officers are equal under the law and should be behaving as such. Carrying a gun comes with a lot of baggage and more often than not, police officers hesitate whether they should shoot their gun. When this happen, internal affairs launches an investigation almost immediately.

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First of all, police officers are trained when it comes to driving under the influence and casing a suspect when they need to. Second, of all, a number of adult beverages you had that night are probably written all over your face, anyway. Just save every the time, trouble, and danger and call a cab.

Flirting With Very Nice American Female Officer In Norwegian

They most certainly do! This one is just common sense, people.

In reality, officers get truly bored when they have to be in court. Out on the streets is where the real action happens.

They love happy drunks

Sometimes dealing with handfuls of people can be tedious and redundant. Any decent police officer, male or female, prefers to escort a solo woman home if they see her out in the middle of night.

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Believe it or not, these bunnies are real. Apparently, the cops who get hit on more than not or usually male and happen to be buff. In fact, one of the key reasons many officers went through the training, graduated, and signed up for the gig is so they break it down on the roads!

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Maybe they even like high-speed car chases a little bit. Speed traps can really grind your gears, especially if you get caught in one of them.

Whether or not there are sneaky officers hiding in the bushes and watching. They like ticketing Ferraris Police officers have their guilty pleasures, too.

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The good, bad and ugly of dating police officers - Chicago Tribune

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We have no choice over who are parents are, so the mom and dad we end up with is merely the luck of the draw.

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