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Nicole snooki polizzi, jenni jwoww farley, pauly d, mike the you telling me after 5 years snooki is confessing to hooking up with mike. Let's revisit the 'jersey shore' hookup board, shall we updated: The best bits of the first ever episode of mtv classic jersey shore are you ready for this the roommates prove they can still get turnt up jersey shore jersey ex on the beach ex on the beach sexiest hook-ups. With news of a reunion confirmed, we're catching up with the seaside heights crew.

So i made another collab about the couple i ship which is pauly and jenni: It's been five years since jersey shore left us down and out with nowhere to gtl, but now the original crew is getting back together for the pilot season of the new e series reunion road trip before that gets going, it's time to catch up with what the infamous pals have been up to recently:.

The jersey shore cast is back together for e's reunion road trip, and what would a shore reunion be without reminiscing about all the sex. Toggle navigation how to find true love in high school ted talk dating sites cooking dating website. Jwoww and pauly d hook up season 1 Jersey shore: I have way better taste than that.

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There's no way she looks like Sammi. Sammi Sweetheart, is that you?!

'Jersey Shore' Cast Reminisces About JWoww and Pauly D's Infamous Season 1 Hookup -- Watch!

Despite Ronnie's visible and audible disapproval, Pauly ended up bringing mini Sammi home with him. She don't even look nothing like Sammi.

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  2. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | Season 1, Ep 1 | 'What's In The Bag?'!
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  4. Maybe the first night I was here, she might've. After a brief pause, a light bulb went off in Ron's head.

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    Before Pauly and mini Sammi's half-dressed makeout sesh could turn into anything steamier, Ronnie called her a cab home. Later on, Mike and Ronnie engaged in yet another epic roast.

    Angelina ‘Cheats’ w/ Pauly 😱 - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation - MTV

    The two went back and forth taking hysterical jabs at each other until they finally hugged it out. No winner was crowned, but that gave Pauly -- the self-proclaimed "prank-war champion" -- an epic idea.

    JWoww and co-stars talk the old days of hookups | Daily Mail Online

    Us guidos, we like to f-ck with each other, so I have an idea to see if he really changed. Pauly then called up Season 1 nemesis Angelina Pivarnick and asked if she'd be willing to fly in to "surprise" Mike. Even though she and Mike had quite the tumultuous past, Angelina agreed.

    She said she wanted a chance to "redeem" herself. It's like setting off fireworks inside the house.

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    • Did Vinny and Angelina Hook Up on 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'? Pauly D Weighs In.
    • Jersey Shore 102 S2.

    It's the most epic prank ever, so I'm happy about it, but I'm also terrified. The best part about Angelina coming here is seeing their reactions. I mean, Mike -- his jaw is gonna drop. And the girls -- they always look surprised because of their surgeries, but Angelina is actually gonna make JWoww's eyebrows move.

    jwoww and pauly d hook up Jwoww and pauly d hook up
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    jwoww and pauly d hook up Jwoww and pauly d hook up

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