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They are too busy just like everyone is in America. Another challenge is that the available Kenyan men, especially the older ones, are married either in the US or back home.

White and African-American men are hardly available, hence most women either decide to stay single or become single mums. Do you think such a woman will care about or respect the husband?

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With rights, freedom and money, women are no longer subjected to the directions of their men as is the case in Kenya. With such freedom, you can understand the runaway infidelity that has become the order of the day here, explains Rebecca. Sonie Kendi, who recently moved to Indiana, thinks that despite the allegations, it boils down to individual preferences.

She has been in the US for four months now.

Dating kenyan ladies

What influences the choices according to Sonie is the cultural background of individuals since the two cultures are worlds apart. Save for those who immigrate here on the Green Card, many Kenyans come here as students or visitors. It is the reason many men and women often gravitate towards Americans in the hope that they can marry them and streamline to legalise they stay find jobs.

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Dating kenyan ladies

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The only difference is that they will not stick around when men treats them less than they feel they deserve. In short, they will take care of themselves. Independent women will not sleep their way up, will not depend on men for financial support, and will not breakdown at the first sign of failure or trouble. Additionally, they will not extort money from rich men and most definitely not ask for money for nails, hair, spa, and holidays. The following are tips on how men supposed to deal with this new breed of women.

Tradition dictates that on the first date, the man picks up the tab. However, independent Kenyan women are so used to taking care of their bills that they will automatically reach for the bill. Men should not take offense in that, and should instead just explain to the women that they got round this. Independent women do not feel they owe anything to anyone. Hence, assuring them that they can pay the bill on the next date will quickly placate them.

Men who are not funny or interesting, and cannot hold an intelligent and interesting conversion should stop their pursuit of independent women.

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