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Would You Survive Dating In Rosewood? Find Out With This Quiz!
"Pretty Little Liars" Relationship Statutes

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You will find an "opt-out" button at the bottom of the page, in the footer. You will then be presented with the same consent screen next time you access the website if you opt-out. From June to September of , Lucy dated the Quantico star. They started out as friends, but their relationship never blossomed as much as they wanted it to.

Lucy found love with country singer Joel in the middle of Her work load on PLL , mixed with her own record production took up too much of her time.

Her latest beau has been the object of her affection since June Breakup rumors swirled late in , but Lucy confirmed they were still together. The pair have been spotted out and about in early Benzo dated the Glee star after he broke up with Emma Roberts in Their relationship was never officially confirmed, but everyone knew what was going on.

Whether they had an official relationship or not was never confirmed but the pair did go on a romantic date in This was another wishy-washy relationship, but the pair always looked to be extremely flirty when promoting Spring Breakers. They broke up shortly after confirming their relationship because work was too much of a priority for her.

The Complete Dating History of the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast (PHOTOS)

Which of the actors behind PLL's guys is your favorite? And by the time it ended in , the series accumulated 16 books that encompassed four different story arcs. Because there are so many of the books, a lot of fans of the TV show never bothered to read them. But, there are quite a few differences that meant that fans definitely chose a favorite. Picking your favorite character out of the four main Liars isn't hard.

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Pretty much everyone who has seen the show knows who their favorite is. But, picking your least favorite isn't quite such a simple task. They're all great, but there has to be one of them that annoys you from time to time or that you just aren't such a huge fan of. Which of the liars is your least favorite?

Dating your friend's ex is super uncool, right? When they break up, if it wasn't on good terms then pretty much everyone expects you to take a side in their breakup. So, turning around and dating their ex after they broke up is pretty uncool because you're supposed to be on your friend's "side," right? But some people ignore that rule and do it anyway. Would you ever date your friend's ex? Throughout the course of the series, the Liars tried a lot of different methods for dealing with the A-Team.

They tried blocking all the messages from the mysterious A, they tried completely ignoring them, they tried fighting back against them, and they even tried to figure out who it was so they could figure out why they were being tormented by these messages. What would you do if you were in their situation? Throughout the course of the series, the Liars seemed like they constantly had something that they needed to be on the run from. It seemed like there was always something bad going on in Rosewood and all the evidence pointed straight to them, so they really needed to make a run for it!

If you had to make a fast getaway after something happened, how would you do it? Let's not talk about how Pretty Little Liars handles the idea of a spin-off series. We all saw the weird crossover episode they did to promote Ravenswood. And then a few people actually watched the few episodes of Ravenswood they aired before it was cancelled.

If they were to do a decent spin-off about one of the liars, who would you want it to be about? OTP technically stands for "one true pairing" and refers to a person's absolute, all time favorite couple on a TV show, in a movie, or in a book. But anyone who watches more than a few shows knows that no one has a single OTP. It should be changed to ITP for "infinite true pairings" because that's how it feels when you start thinking about your favorite couples.

Throughout the course of Pretty Little Liars, the Liars learned a lot about each other and about their supposedly missing friend, Alison. They learned that while they were telling Alison all their secrets, there was someone else who might have been hearing them too and that maybe their mysterious friend wasn't as trustworthy as they had once believed. Can you be trusted to keep people's secrets? Or do you tell them to everyone who will listen?

Which of A's messages was the coolest?

Most of Pretty Little Liars took place in the same fictional Pennsylvania city: There were a few times when the Liars would travel to somewhere else, like Pennsylvania or Ravenswood or they would talk about people being in another place without actually showing it, but for the most part they stayed in their hometown. Within Rosewood, there were quite a few places that popped up again and again.

Pick one of these locations in Rosewood. Pretty Little Liars lasted for a whole seven seasons.

That means that there were seven seasons in which characters came and went, relationships began and ended, and red herrings were flying all over the place to confuse viewers and the Liars about who might be on the A-Team. Some fans have some seriously strong opinions about what season was the best one. Which of these was your favorite? Throughout the series, it seems like just about everyone was suspected of being on the A-Team.

If someone lived in or ever traveled through Rosewood, they were probably on the Liars' radar as a possible suspect for someone who was harassing them and exposing all their secrets. Some of them were less likely than others, but it didn't stop fans from speculating right along with them. Why do companies always discontinue the best snacks? Pick one of these discontinued foods that you think seriously needs to make a comeback.

Throughout the course of the series, there were a ton of huge reveals. A lot of those involved revealing people who were part of the A-Team.

Whether they were really involved, it was just a red herring, or they were being blackmailed by A in order to working with them, it was still a huge shock for the viewers. Which of this A-Team reveals was the most surprising to you? Over the course of the series, there were 20 deaths including any that happened before the timeline of the show and people who faked their deaths and were revealed later to be alive.

Considering how intense and dramatic the show was, that's really not that many! But, that meant that each death had plenty of time to be incredibly sad and really have an impact on the series.

Fans Think Cara Delevigne Is Dating This "Pretty Little Liars" Star From These Kissing Photos

With as many characters as Pretty Little Liars has, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. And if you think it's difficult as a viewer to keep up with all the characters on the show, imagine how hard it must be for the writers! Actually, you don't need to imagine because there are a few characters who the writers just completely forgot about. Which of these characters who mysteriously disappeared was your favorite? Each of the characters on Pretty Little Liars definitely had their own personality, sense of humor, and sense of style.

Which Pretty Little Liars Guy Would You Date Behind A's Back?

Their clothes and their bedrooms often reflected what kind of a person they were and as their character changed, their clothes would too. Although your clothes don't always reflect what you're like as a person, they totally did on the show. What world best describes your sense of style? Before her disappearance, the Liars told Alison just about everything. Every little secret they were keeping, thought they had, and strange thing that happened to them went straight from their lips to Alison's ears.

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Unfortunately for them, Alison didn't do the same and unraveling the truth about her life wasn't easy. Everyone deals with their problems in a different way. Some people completely ignore them and choose to just hope that it goes away on their own without doing anything about it.

who is dating who on pretty little liars Who is dating who on pretty little liars
who is dating who on pretty little liars Who is dating who on pretty little liars
who is dating who on pretty little liars Who is dating who on pretty little liars
who is dating who on pretty little liars Who is dating who on pretty little liars
who is dating who on pretty little liars Who is dating who on pretty little liars

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